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Keeping kids in school and associated activities, out of gangs, away from drugs and criminal behavior are among the greatest concerns and tasks we face with youth today. Teaching our youth right vs. wrong and giving them the ability to make correct choices as they pass through life is much more productive than waiting for them to get into trouble and then trying to help them.

Organizations throughout Santa Cruz County and the State of California that have provided children with opportunities to be involved in constructive programs have been financially crippled by the current economic situations of our state, communities and our individual families.

We’re speaking of programs, public and private, that will help teach our youth good values such as; respect for each other, honor, responsibility, pride, sportsmanship and reward for one’s hard work. The youth of today is our only future.

The purpose of our charity event is to raise funds in the hopes of providing finical support for these youth programs and organizations, their supplies and the activities they provide.  Without these daily structured programs our children look elsewhere for direction and entertainment, often times making them susceptible to those who wish to corrupt them, leading them down a path which may eventually lead them into trouble with drugs, crime and gangs.

The economic future, thus far, shows little promise for government funding for these types of organizations. Therefore the youth need our action now more than ever…. AND we need your (the community of Santa Cruz County) help to make it happen.

The members of the Santa Cruz County Deputy Sheriffs’ Association and Stars of Justice, Inc. feel that, failing our youth is not an option and we are therefore committed to the success of this endeavor.

Thank you for your support!

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