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The History

Created in 1978, The Santa Cruz County Deputy Sheriffs' Association's (DSA) original purposes was to act as a make-shift union to protect the deputies from unfair labor practices. After joining Operating Engineers Local No. 3 Union in 1980, the DSA became a fraternal non-profit organization dedicated to creating unity among the citizens of Santa Cruz County by organizing events that brought its citizens together.

In 2009 the DSA created "The Stars of Justice, Inc." a non-profit corporation dedicated solely to the goal of organizing fundraising evens that would help support Santa Cruz County's numerous community related organizations. In its pursuit to fulfill this goal, The Stars of Justice, Inc. has begun preparations for a PRCA (Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association) "Rodeo" to be hosted at the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds October 2010.

Organizations & Events supported by the DSA

 "The Annual Santa Cruz County Children's Holiday Party:"

Created in 2007 by the DSA and their good friend Phillip Mobley, owner/operator of "PLM Productions," this event was designed to host a Holiday Party for the underprivileged children in Santa Cruz County.

"Halloween Teen Night"

An event created by Phillip Mobley, "The Santa Cruz Elks Lodge" and supported by the DSA, this event was designed to provide teenagers with a safe, alcohol free environment full of activities to keep them entertained and away from becoming involved in the potential may lay and criminal activities, common to downtown Santa Cruz City and various parts of Santa Cruz County on Halloween Night.

"Big Brothers and Sisters of Santa Cruz County"

Since 2007, the DSA has helped to raise money in support of "Big Brothers and Sisters  of Santa Cruz County" by sponsoring bowling teams for the organization. In 2008, the DSA earned $1,500 in donations for local community organizations and businesses.

"The Sheriff's Activities League"

Started by the Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office in 1997, "The Sheriff's Activities League" (SAL) was designed to provide underprivileged children in the community a chance to play team sports such as baseball, flag football, soccer and basketball. Members of the DSA have been part of the "SAL" board, coaches and the DSA itself has donated over $10,000 toward the further education of these children through SAL.

"Santa Cruz County High Schools"

In 2007, the San Lorenzo Valley High School Library became victim of arson and was completely destroyed. The DSA donated over $2,500.00 toward the restoration of the facilities. That same year, The Harbor High School football field fell victim to vandals who destroyed the field with their vehicles. The DSA donated $1,000.00 toward the restoration of the field and toward the football team's uniforms for that year. On average the DSA donates over $5,000.00 to the various high schools with our county.

"Santa Cruz County Organizations"

Each year the DSA donates an additional $5,000.00 or more toward other law enforcement related organizations such as; Women's Crisis - a program which protects women and children who are victims of domestic violence, The Santa Cruz County District Attorney's Victim/Witness protection program, The Fallen Officer's Foundation - a foundation created to help the "First Responders" of Santa Cruz County and their families in times of crisis such as on duty deaths, severe injury, illness and other horrific circumstances and PORAC - The Peace Officer's Research Association of California

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