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Hello and welcome to the Santa Cruz County Deputy Sheriffs' Association homepage.  My name is Michael MacDonald and I am President of the DSA.  The Deputy Sheriffs Association was formed to represent the interests of all the deputies during collective bargaining as well as making sure their rights are taken care of while working in their capacities as deputies.

It goes without saying that this has been a difficult and challenging time for our community.  With that said, the Deputy Sheriffs Association over the years has donated thousands of dollars to the community and schools throughout the County to help benefit those in need.  The Deputy Sheriffs Association has not forgotten that through our children we can provide outreach and strengthen relations with the community.

It is that mindset that brought us together with the County Administration during these most difficult times.  We both saw a need to help each other.  So through these negotiations we were able to find a solution to the pension issues that many people were worried about.  This came a full year before “pension reform” was legislated by the Governor.  Your deputies have been furloughed for the last 3 years leaving us understaffed at times.  We have taken this in stride and have begun to strengthen the ranks with officers from neighboring organizations who have sought out the Sheriff’s Office because of our reputation in the community.

Most importantly, many of our deputies live in this community in which they serve.  Many coach your children and get involved in a variety of ways.  We are here to serve you and together we can make this community a safe and wonderful place to live and raise our families.


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Michael MacDonald
President - Santa Cruz County Deputy Sheriffs' Association

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