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Santa Cruz DSA We Need Your HelpAs President of the Santa Cruz County Deputy Sheriffs' Association (SCCDSA), I want to sincerely thank you for your past support of us, and bring to your attention the effect of nationwide events which have cast a shadow in our law enforcement community. Have you heard the term the "Thin Blue Line" and wondered what it truly means? lt is an emblem that represents the camaraderie of law enforcement, especially in moments of tragedy. Our deputies sometimes enter into harm's way in order to protect our community, families, freedom and humanity. It's our job, and we do it proudly. 

Knowing we are not alone, and supported by you, makes all the difference to us and our families. As the holidays are approaching, we are thankful for holding us up with your generosity. In deep appreciation and support, we hope you will display our SCCDSA 2017 Proud Supporter decal, which are only available to our community supporters. 

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Your contributions to the SCCDSA support our deputies in times of need, many families throughout the County, and are invested back into the community through our sponsorship of local programs. Donations are solely used to support the SCCDSA; this program is NOT political in nature. Your solidarity with the men and women dedicated to protecting our County allows us to send encouraging messages to our youth through activities, and shouts a louder message to those criminals who might think no one cares. We know you do! To learn more about our association please, visit our website. We'd love to have you visit our Facebook page; give us a "like," and follow us on Twitter! 

God Bless and stay safe out there,


Dep. Mike Pruger Santa Cruz County Deputy Sheriffs' Association

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